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ProjectNet, the publication for the members and friends of Project Management South Africa (PMSA).

About ProjectNet

ProjectNet is the official magazine of Project Management South Africa (PMSA). It is distributed free of charge to all members of the PMSA. It is a custom magazine addressing the specific interests of this focused community.
Besides being a vehicle through which the PMSA National Executive Committee can communicate directly with its members, its aim is also to provide members with a regular source of news, events updates, case studies, opinion pieces, feature articles, personality profiles and other information of interest to today’s project managers.
PMSA members are spread across the various industries in which project management is applied, including construction, engineering and information technology. Because project management is a field that is growing rapidly within most business environments, the PMSA has a greater responsibility than ever before to offer its members value. ProjectNet is one of a number of dedicated communication and information channels to facilitate the dialogue between the Institute and its members, as well as between the members themselves.

Please note: From January 2007, some past editions and all future editions will be available to members as downloadable PDFs  from the PMSA website.




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