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This A4 format, full-colour print publication is structured into various sections to most effectively accommodate the categories of information reflected. The publication is currently an alternate-monthly with a view to increased frequency within the next year. Through constant evaluation and input from its constituents, the PMSA intends to grow the publication into the definitive source of current, industry-related, topical project management content.

The sections, listed below, broadly guide the type of content generated and submissions invited in each edition. From time to time, the publication will focus on a particular topic of interest to the recipient community. For example, the topic of training and education in project management, focussing on learning-related issues and also providing a list of registered education and training providers. Other editions have focussed on the Soft Issues in project management, and Project Management Tools, for example, and before and after each PMSA conference (held every two years), ProjectNet provides a preview that focusses on international speakers, and a comprehensive report-back.

Since its inception in 2002, ProjectNet has undergone two face-lifts. The current look came into being at the ProjectNet re-launch at the 2006 PMSA conference. The re-launch marked an increase in page-count, new design and revised content structure.

The following structure is now being applied across the 28 pages:

  • President’s Pen – comment by PMSA President

  • Editorial column - an overview of the contents and current trends

  • Thought Leadership - tapping into the minds of local and international project management gurus

  • Global Network – Syndicated PM Network Article (official magazine of the PMI®)

  • Industry Insight – A trend article on a PM issue

  • Academic Corner - An article highlighting current or completed academic research in a project management topic

  • Opinion – Expert comment / advice on specific topic

  • PM Profile – Interview with a notable project manager

  • Cases in PM – Case study of a project success or failure

  • Reviews – book and/or software reviews

  • Branch News – Activities and upcoming events taking place at the PMSA branches

  • Industry News - Items of interest in the PM industry, including upcoming global and local events

    Contributions and suggestions are always welcome but, to maintain editorial integrity, we do not publish product or service-specific information, unless it makes for an interesting item on the news pages. If you want to share information about your product or service, please consider an advertorial (see the Advertising section).




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